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Projects 2015-16


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Investigate quantitatively, to determine the impact of each additive, the effects on samples of a garden soil of adding 20% by mass of (a) sand, (b) potting compost, and (c) clay* on

(i) the soil’s ability to retain water,

(ii) the rate of drainage of water through the soil.

*Some readily available cat litter is composed of dry clay.

Chemistry - Click button above to download ppt file

Investigate quantitatively, at room temperature, the effect of dilution on the pH of

(i) vinegar,

(ii) a solution containing 5 g washing soda per litre of water, (iii) a solution containing 5 g sucrose per litre of water.

Physics - Click button above to download ppt file

Using conductors made of children’s play (modelling) dough, investigate quantitatively the effect on resistance, calculated from measurements of voltage across and current through the conductors, of changing the conductor length and obtain data to establish whether dough colour has an effect on its resistance.

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